Admission Requirements:
General requirements for a student seeking admission must meet the following requirements:

•    Salvation experience.
•    A clear conviction of God’s call in his/her life.
•    A desire to be prepared for effective use in God’s kingdom.
•    A recommendation letter from a recognized Pastor.
•    Photocopies of all the required certificates & mark sheets of SSC or equivalent.
•    For B.Th Course : A minimum of 50% passing in HSSC or equivalent.

Books will be available to the students for every course at monthly fees of Rs. 25/- per month. An annual deposit of Rs.200/- is charged. Students can take one book at a time for time period of 30 days. Any damage to the book will be borne by the students.

Academic & Grading System:

Grade Description Percentages Points
A Superior 93-100 4.0
B Excellent 85-92 3.0
C Average 77-84 2.0
D Below Average 70-76 1.0
F Failing 0-69 0.0

Rules & Regulation:

  • Students can join any time of the year but must complete the remaining courses in the next academic year. A pass certificate will be required before admission into next year.
  • Only those students who have attended all four classes of a subject will be allowed to sit in the exam. Out of the four classes every month only one Absenteeism is permitted and that to with prior written permission. However for giving exam the student must buy audio / video copy of missed class.
  • Ministry Practicum requires students to do practical training work under a supervisor or pastor for 72 hours. This includes preaching or teaching the Word of God and any other work which comes under the sphere of “Ministry of helps”. Ministry Practicum will enable the student to earn three credit hours to his/her course.
  • Students must pay their tuition fees at the beginning of every month. Only then they will be allowed to attend classes & given course outline.
  • Students are required to give exams at the end of each course. Absenteeism during examination will not be tolerated and a student will be liable for expulsion from class. Only under special case with written permission a student will be permitted to miss an exam. However a fee of Rs. 100 will be charged extra.
  • All fees paid are non refundable.
  • Reading of prescribed textbooks is mandatory. Only then will a student be allowed to sit in examination.

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