Speed Post Tracking Of India Post Article

India post is the leading and largest domestic express courier company in India and also in South Asia. It has the credible position in both domestic and international express market industry. This company was founded in 1850 by the Ministry of Communications and Technology under the Government of India. It is operated across every corner of India and head office is situated at New Delhi and aspired to make a world class company. Different services offered by the department of posts are delivering mails, savings, insurance etc. The special services of delivering mails are speed post, registered post, media post, logistics post, express parcel, business parcel etc.

No doubt, India post offers world class services. It is the famous and best service of Indian postal service. The domestic and international services to clients are fast and most reliable. https://govindiapost.in has the world class best tracking tool by using advanced, innovative and latest technology. The straight point is that, the client can find the speed post tracking status of their parcel by using this tracking tool. It will give most of the times accurate results to the customers within seconds. The main aim of India postal office is to make the customer happy and satisfactory. So, it takes the less time to deliver the parcel at the customer doorstep.

Along with domestic shipments, recently speed post has also introduced the delivery of international shipments. It offers the fastest delivery option for international shipments. It is known for its excellent delivery services at lowest prices. It has the big network and services are spread across every corner of India and worldwide. It is one of the cost effective and fastest solutions in India.

Speed post is a premier courier and integrated express package of the Department of India post office. Its network covers almost every location in India and also worldwide. Its services are available more than 100 countries and territories worldwide through sales alliance Ems speed post, which the premier leading company in express distribution services.

Speed mail is insanely customer centric. It is responsive, fast, reliable and value for money to the customers. It is providing the services like last mile delivery, predictability delivery, choice of time, choice of time, choice of place of delivery and payment options like cash on delivery, credit card, payment wallet to the customers. It is one of the best mail delivery courier company in India and also worldwide, when compared with other companies.

Recently India post has started locker facility across main post office branches in India, where customers can collect their parcel or packages at their convenience. And also started parcel shops, where shipments can be delivered and picked up by customers later, as well as Sunday deliveries. Some of the departments of Indian postal service key customers are banking, insurance, financial institutions, corporate clients, students and etc.

India Post Tracking Methods

As a customer, you can track the status of the domestic or international India post shipments by using the waybill number or tracking number or article number or reference number, which is printed on booking receipt. This booking receipt will given when booking the article at India post office. The tracking method is given below:

  • Enter the waybill or reference number in the official department of India post website.
  • This reference is a unique number and it is a 13 digit barcode.
  • Now press the ‘Enter’ button, then you will get the current status or delivery status of the parcel or consignment or article.
  • You can track single shipment status at a single time.
  • You cannot track the multiple waybills at a single time.
  • The shipments can be tracked up to the delivery time from the date of dispatch.
Speed Post Tracking Of India Post Article

Different Tracking Ways of Speed Post

  • Web Track Form Services: In this you can track shipments within India or across world. This service available on the upper left panel of every page of our website. Here we can find single way bill and not multiple bills.
  • India post Website Services: Track the shipments details over official department of India postal website. Here we can check way bill details and status, details of delivered shipments, status of undelivered shipments, details of return to origin shipments and details of all re-directed shipments.
  • You can track eCommerce shipments status also. Here the customer has to enter the order number of their purchase and the shipping and delivery details are displayed on the same page. It is intended for any customer required in logistics, dispersion and stock control.
  • India Post Mail Services: To track the status of shipments, enter single or multiple waybill numbers in subject or in the text of the mail, each one is separated by comma. Then send the mail to the department of India post mail address. After sometime you will receive the mail of your shipments status in your mail box.
  • SMS Services: For current status or delivery status or complete shipment status, send sms to India post office from your mobile number. After sometime, you will receive status of your shipment in your mobile messages section.

Speed Post Services

  • Speed mail is an ensured door to door time-clear conveyance of shipments via air the next possible business day, focused at time-basic business to business needs. The administration returns with cash ensure.
  • Critical express services by India post. It delivers shipments from door to door like tenders, passports, certificates, original papers, property documents and etc across India. They will send every package in a secure and safe way.
  • It is the fastest, reliable door to door, next day delivery service in most locations across India. Its benefits of this service are delivery across sped post country in India, free pickup, real time, regulatory clearances and free computerized proof of delivery.
  • It is an ensured door to door time-definite conveyance of business shipments via air that require regulatory clearances and specific taking care on the next possible business day, focused at time-basic business to business needs. This service is from select cities to select cities and also have cash ensure.
  • India post services are fastest, most efficient and door to door day definite delivery service inside India for shipments. The benefits of this service are wide market research, cash on delivery, demand draft on delivery, freight on delivery, freight on value-insurance arrangement, single window clearance, real-time information, and time-definite delivery, free proof of delivery on demand, speed, flexibility and economical.
  • Speed mail services are economical, door to door, ground circulation services to every area in India for shipments. The benefits of these services are time-bound delivery, cash on delivery, demand draft on delivery, freight on delivery, freight on value-insurance arrangement, tracking the shipment, regulatory clearances; pick up convenience, secure shipments and economical tariff.
  • India post validated temperature support, proficient and secure circulations system and supply chain administration services, range of approved packaging solutions, direct to hospital or pharmacy delivery, inventory administrations and data frameworks, regulatory skill and handling, IATA consistence for unsafe goods and day definite delivery.
  • Late night cut off and early morning deliveries, larger capacity, 24 hours cooling period.
  • India post provides international services with Ems speed post. The benefits of these services are convenient solution for urgent and international documents and shipments, customs clearance in India as well as more than 100 countries, real time speed post tracking, door to door service and protect and secure packing.
  • India post operates the only domestic express services in India and has worked sanctions for different type of clients.
  • India post smart air express services are convenient, economic, packing unit’s prices to include door to door delivery service within India. The benefits of these services are wide market reach, speed delivery, free pick up, real time India post tracking, regulatory clearances, proof of delivery and trouble free service.
  • It is convenient, flexible and economical also goods delivered within India. The benefits are strong and durable packaging for safety, weather resistant material to prevent water damage, fastest for domestic express packages, shrink wrapped for better protection, door to door delivery service within India.
  • It provides special services like legal documents, tenders and important documents. It is fast, reliable and safe door to door for samples and non-commercial shipments. Presently it is available between India and world.

Finally speed post is a leading and fastest mail delivery of department of India post in India and also in the world. It is always be responsible, fast, secure, safe and reliable. Clearly, explained in this article about the India post services and speed post tracking solutions. These are the main advantages of India postal service. It is user-friendly to Indian customers and acting as interface between citizens and different organizations in India and worldwide.

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